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“We love this product. It really works!”  Sandra S.  (CA)  


“I purchased a bottle of Ray and Rain and it worked very well.” 

Deborah F.  (AR)


“I like your product!”  Jeanette P.  (GA)


"The Best Protection Under the Sun." Minimize

Ray & Rain Repellant®

Waterproofing fabric spray that stops "Sun Fading"

and soiling on outdoor fabrics.

"Specifically formulated to
stop sun fading and soiling
 and for waterproofing fabric awnings, tents, tarps, boat covers, umbrellas, flags, beach bags
 golf bags or to weatherproof any of your outdoor fabrics." 

 Tents Flags Back Packs, Beach Bags, Golf Bags
"The Best Protection Under The Sun"
Ray & Rain Repellant Has Been Granted
 2 United States Patents!
 1 Japanese Patent!
1 Australian Patent!
1 Canadian Patent!
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