Ray & Rain Repellant ®
Has Been Granted 
United States Patents!
 1 Japanese Patent!
1 Australian Patent!
 1 Canadian Patent!

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Protect your outdoor fabric flag with an

invisible Waterproofing product that

prevents water damage and 

"fading from the sun". 



Ray & Rain Repellant® is a unique solvent based micro-polymer fabric protector chemical that imparts a durable, invisible protective uv coating specifically formulated to waterproof flags and outdoor fabric. 

A single application will create or restore superior waterproofing, stain and soil resistance.  It is also the only product specifically formulated to prevent water damage and fading caused by the sun on all types of outdoor fabrics including canvas and nylon.


Made for waterproofing material, it will protect your investment and extend the life of your flag or out door fabric.  Safe and non-toxic.  Easy to apply; no mixing, simply spray on.  Dries to the touch in about 4 hours.  Fully bonds to an invisible, lasting finish with maximum uv protection against soil and fading in about 72 hours.  1 gallon of Ray & Rain Repellant® uv coating and fabric protector will cover approximately 1500 square feet (length x width) of medium weight fabric.  


Items treated with Ray & Rain Repellant® will dry faster when the weather clears allowing for quicker storage.

A single application will last for an entire season.

"The Best Protection Under The Sun"
Ray & Rain Repellant Has Been Granted
 2 United States Patents!
 1 Japanese Patent!
1 Australian Patent!
1 Canadian Patent!



Notice - Due to high demand, orders are taking longer than usual to fulfill. We are glad you love our products and this is a temporary situation. Please allow 3 weeks for orders to be fulfilled. Thank you.

Convenient Trigger Sprayer for Quart Bottles
Convenient Trigger Sprayer for Quart Bottles

This trigger sprayer is ideal for converting the quart bottle into a compete application system for smaller applications. The trigger sprayer will only fit the quart bottles.  They do NOT fit the gallon bottles.

Shipping costs for the trigger sprayer are waived with a purchase 1 US quart or more Ray & Rain Repellant® Waterproofing.